Young people and news consumption

Probably not a typical PR-topic, nevertheless very interesting read about the way young people consume their news nowadays. Some interesting facts to bear in mind when creating news:

Article about the results of ORF anchorman Armin Wolfs master-thesis  (in German).

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PRclass11 on April 19th 2011 in Public Relations

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  1. websensei responded on 19 Apr 2011 at 11:43 am #

    This is a typical PR-topic. Thank´s for sharing. The numbers and trends are worrisome. If the “young people” have no interest in politics, the “old people” may still do whatever they want to do, without even being noticed 😉 And what happens if we only produce media content that seems to be favored by the audience or specific audiences (favored by the advertisment industries)? Or the more philosophical question: What if the picture of our world is just the temporary image of myself?