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Please remember, we gotta share!

Have a great weekend!

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websensei on May 13th 2011 in Digital Products and Markets, Editorial, Public Relations

Is there hope in reverse thinking?

This is a repost from My personal reflections on nearly everything

We had a long discussion about ethics and public relations in our last course. Soon after the dialogue, which I left with the impression of a constant level of resignation within the students group I stumbled upon this video on youtube. 15.219.739 views until today. Maybe there is hope for the lost generation, if we choose to reverse it. It made me think (and of course already act every day). How about you?

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websensei on April 17th 2011 in Editorial

The first student group is established

I have just established our first collaboration group The particiants of the Public Relation class 2011 will share their findings and insights on a posterous group and the results will be autoposted on the Mind at Focus Learning Lab Blog I am looking forward to our first shared knowledge pool.

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websensei on April 14th 2011 in Editorial

Welcome to the experiment learning lab

think outside the box

Welcome. This blog is an experiment. During my teachings (10 different subjects, 5 different curricula, 3 different universities, and sometimes 4 different teachers in a team) I have learned so far:

  • playful collaboration really leverages learning and results
  • the disciplines or subjects I am asked to teach are less fragmented than I, my team colleagues, and my students have assumed (in the beginning)
  • we truly have to prepare students for jobs and technologies that do not exist yet … in order to solve problems we do not even know are problems yet
  • thinking outside the box is only possible if you are aware of the outside the box, getting rid of the damn thing
  • and where the heck did I leave my notes with all these loose ties and nodes which I want to grab on … now …

Thus the purpose of this blog is the beginning of an experiment called the learning lab, which should give us the possibility to have a sneak around the edges of our boxes – our thinking – while we are exploring the different topics from different points of view, together.

This lab is an invitation to my students and my team mates to collect, share and comment on each others mind snippets.

And if you are not sure what I am talking about by expressing the wish to get rid of the box, well, let´s have a look at the box

“A Vision of Students Today” (BTW a masterpiece of students collaboration within the Kansas State University working group led by Dr. Michael Wesch, an inspiring colleague I had the pleasure to meet ones in my lifetime – before he received celebrity status, which he truly earns).

But we need not only rethink education …

… we need to redo education, so I hope you will follow my invitation, let´s start 🙂

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websensei on January 22nd 2011 in Editorial