the 10x Club – how internet startups can be evaluated by VCs

Bill Gurley wrote a detailed blog post about All Revenue is Not Created Equal: The Keys to the 10X Revenue Club  which I stumpled upon, literally using the service. It is a purely financial perspective on Internet startups, but it gives a comprehensive overview of a VCs evaluation scheme. Have a detailed look on the article, just to summarize the 10xClub is all about (according to Bill Gurley):

  1. Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  2. The Presence of Network Effects
  3. Visibility/Predictability Are Highly Valued
  4. Customer Lock-in / High Switching Costs
  5. Gross Margin Levels
  6. Marginal Profitability Calculation
  7. Customer Concentration
  8. Major Partner Dependencies
  9. Organic Demand vs. Heavy Marketing Spend
  10. Growth

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websensei on October 12th 2011 in Digital Products and Markets, Entrepreneurship

Motive der Mediennutzung

Bin grade über eine interessante Erhebung von GfK-Austria gestolpert: Mit welchen Motiven werden welche Medien genutzt.


Vor allem im Bezug auf die Gestaltung von Presseartikel ist es vl. gar nicht so uninteressant zu wissen, dass Zeitungen v.a. deswegen gelesen werden, weil Menschen “mitreden können” möchten.

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PRclass11 on May 1st 2011 in Public Relations

Leo Bonanni introduces @ Greener Gadgets 2010

Supply Chains made transparent, an exciting start of a crowd sourced project!

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websensei on April 19th 2011 in Digital Products and Markets, Entrepreneurship, Innovation

Young people and news consumption

Probably not a typical PR-topic, nevertheless very interesting read about the way young people consume their news nowadays. Some interesting facts to bear in mind when creating news:

Article about the results of ORF anchorman Armin Wolfs master-thesis  (in German).

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PRclass11 on April 19th 2011 in Public Relations

How Great Companies Get Their Mojo

This is a repost from – My personal reflections on nearly everything.

Watch Chip Conley on “When the dotcom bubble burst, hotelier Chip Conley went in search of a business model based on happiness. In an old friendship with an employee and in the wisdom of a Buddhist king, he learned that success comes from what you count. He creates joyful hotels, where he hopes his employees, customers and investors alike can realize their full potential.”
I finished reading his book “Peak: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow“. I was truly inspired by his ideas and I introduce the essential meaning and methods to my students in entrepreneurship as well as corporate communication.

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websensei on April 16th 2011 in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Public Relations