Island schafft eine neue Verfassung mit Hilfe der isländischen Öffentlichkeit

Island will die veraltete Verfassung erneuern mit der Mithilfe der Bevölkerung. Dabei können die Isländer  in Social Communities wie Facebook oder Twitter die Vorschläge der Regierung diskutieren und ihre Meinung kundtun. Somit können sie einen aktiven Beitrag zu ihrer Verfassung leisten. Ca. 2 Drittel der Isländer sind auf Facebook registriert, wodurch der Großteil der Bevölkerung erreicht werden kann.

Was haltet ihr von dieser Idee? Ist es gerecht internet-affine Menschen zu beteiligen und jene, die nicht so viel mit Computern und Internet zu tun haben, auszuschließen?

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PRclass11 on June 13th 2011 in Public Relations

Are politicians in Austria really only bad in PR?

I found an article on that essentially points out that despite the decreasing percentage of voter participation in elections Austrian citizens needn’t worry. The article says that while voter participation keeps decreasing, trust in the democratic system itself is on the rise (hmm… I’ve read different statements in Der Standard before). Which means that, according to the ORF, people in Austria are happy with the political system, they just don’t think that the specific parties and people are not doing a good job.

Here’s a link to the article:

Now, it seems that despite the politicians are doing their jobs so well that lots of people don’t even really have an opinion about anything politicians do anymore, their ratings are in the dumps. Maybe politicians just need to establish “a positive reputation among the citizens”, and this is where PR joins the game, in my opinion.
The question is: Do the politicians even care about their unpopularity? If yes, is bad PR one of the reasons (what else could it be)? And if PR is the main reason, why can’t they pull themselves together for once and promote themselves in a way that most companies can nowadays. It shouldn’t be that hard… or is there something I’m missing?


PRclass11 on May 5th 2011 in Public Relations

Young people and news consumption

Probably not a typical PR-topic, nevertheless very interesting read about the way young people consume their news nowadays. Some interesting facts to bear in mind when creating news:

Article about the results of ORF anchorman Armin Wolfs master-thesis  (in German).

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PRclass11 on April 19th 2011 in Public Relations